Tuesday, 25 September 2012

HMS Surprise

Here are some, in progress, pics of my first ship, the HMS Surprise. Sorry about the quality, had a light issue, hopefully the next lot of pictures will be better.
View from larboard side.

Stern detail.

Bow detail.
As you can see, still haven't completed the painting, but it's almost there. The model comes in at 7.5 inches long from stern to spar. 

Once painting is complete, the next job is the masts, then the sails and rigging. Hopefully I'll remember to take stage by stage photos.

The model itself was built using Ply board for the base, framing board for the hull, although any stiff card will do. the cannons were made from the plastic stems (not sure if that's the correct term) from cotton buds and the spar is a bamboo skewer. Used some thinner card for the detailing on the hull, and that's about it, all cheap materials, great for people on a budget....like me :)

Thats all for now, cya soon