Sunday, 30 September 2012

Sloop of War - HMS Sophie Part 1

My next project is to make 4 Sloop of War at the same time. These will be painted up as 2 British and 2 French ships. These ships will be based on HMS Sophie, from the Master and Commander novel by Patrick O'Brian.
While trying to find the design I stumbled upon this site by Bruce Trinque that lists with plans, the ships of Jack Aubrey, Captain from Patrick O'Brian's Novels. The site has listed this plan as most likely the one that the Sophie was based on.
So, based on that plan, I drew my own plan to scale of what I was going to make.
Sloop Plan.
In scale her hull length is approx three and a half inches and one and a quarter wide.

I'm going to log a step by step of how I build these fine ships. Bear with me, it's the first time I've really done a tutorial.

The Hull.
My first step is to cut out the shape of the hull in card. I use backing card, referred to as mount board sometimes, it's nice thick card around 2mm thick. It cost me about £4 for a A1 sheet. I can probably get around 20 ships out of 1 sheet so that's 20p a ship
Tip: Use sharp blades, you can rip the card otherwise.

Now you want 2 more of the same shape for each ship, or a total of 12 for my 4 ships.
However I find it easer to glue my first one onto card, leave to dry then cut around it, and repeat till desired depth is obtained. I use super glue for's quicker than PVA.

Once all hulls are complete, do the same for the the quarter deck and the forecastle, these should be 4 layers thick.
Glue the quarter deck to the hull, I had to trim the sides of the quarter deck, it was a tad too wide.

Hull with Quarter Deck and Forecastle glued
Now the sides of the hull. I made a template from my drawings and cut 2, one for each side. I curved them between my fingers before attaching.

I glued the sides in place and when dry, glue a strip across the rear to complete the hull.

hull complete
Well that's it for now, I have to get the other 3 ships up to this stage. So until next time....take care.