Saturday, 29 September 2012

HMS Surprise Launches

Got cracking on the rigging and the sails, unfortunately I didn't do any step by step pics due to forgetfulness and being glued to the model a few times....I did however stop for a break and remembered to take a shot when  I started the sails. Also some shots with the masts in place.

Paint pot to show size

Sorry for the untidy workbench ;)

So she's finished, total build time...around a week, I think it took me awhile due to "making shit up as I go along", which coincidently is my motto for life ;) cost of the model? ....hmmm all in all around £5. Far from perfect, but I'm pleased with my first try. Anyway onto some pics....

HMS Surprise
"... he knew her through and through, as beautiful a piece of ship-building as any that had been launched from the French yards, a true thoroughbred, very fast in the right hands, weatherly, dry, a splendid sailor on a bowline, and a ship that almost steered herself once you understood her ways."

 Until the next ship...