Wednesday, 26 September 2012

HMS Surprise Part 3

Well it didn't take me long to complete the painting of the hull, so I decided to crack on with the masts.
So... for the masts I used bamboo skewers and cocktail sticks. Easily obtainable and dirt cheap.
 Once cut to length, I used a scale sketch I drew as a plan, little notches were cut from the ends to ensure they glued nicely, then glued them together with PVA glue. Warning: It is fiddly!
 Once the main masts are dried, the yards were attached, using super glue.
 Once dried, the yards were reinforced with a strip of paper wrapped around them, using PVA glue, surprising how strong it makes the joint when the PVA sets.
 More reinforcement around the mast joints and a crows nest was added.
 I repeated this process for the other two masts, then when dried did a test fitting of the masts.
I Will paint the masts before gluing to the hull, then the sails and rigging :)

Until the next time...