Monday, 24 September 2012

Welcome to my Blog

Hi and welcome to my blog, I'm just getting back into miniature gaming, been off the wagon over 10 years now. My gaming history was mainly games from GW range, but they no longer hold any appeal for me :( , which is a shame, I still love their miniature range. I was always a keen scratch builder, making various miniatures or terrain pieces, made a couple of Baneblades and a Warhound Titan for W40K, which was eventually sold on ebay.

Recently been thinking about going into more historical gaming, but was undecided. Then I watched the brilliant Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World, for the umpteenth time and thought Age of Sail Navel Games!!!

I had been looking at the 6mm Napoleonic Range at so I thought perhaps combine them. Looking around the internet I did find some rather lovely miniatures in the correct scale (1/300) at but, ranging from £27.50 for a Cutter to a mighty £280.00 for HMS Victory, they were very much out of my price range.

So I decided to build the Ships myself. This blog will chronicle my attempts at building a fleet, on a budget, worthy of Horatio Nelson!

Next post will be a few, in progress, pics of my first ship off the production line, the HMS Surprise, see you soon.