Sunday, 28 October 2012

And Now for Something Completely Different!

Hello everyone. 
I apologise for not posting this last week, but a combination of work and not feeling too great has conspired to keep me from building models. However in the little time I did have, I managed to complete a little painting on some models I started months ago, totally not related to anything nautical. 
The models were some fine little Sci-fi chaps from Ground Zero Games. Now, you may ask why I've been painting sci-fi troops when I have a blog about 18th-19th century warships? Well when I was thinking of coming back to the war gaming world, I originally decided to try 15mm war gaming after purchasing some rather good little rule sets from those guys at So I bought a load of miniatures to get me started. The rules in question are from their USE ME range of rules. These rule books look to be great little rule sets for fast and simple war gaming and thus far have a range of 12 books in their ever expanding range. These books cover sci-fi armies, fantasy armies and whole other different periods from the American Civil war to Modern Warfare. I made some Space ships to go with their Starship Battles book, I may post them up sometime. I'm not going to do a review, I lack experience in war gaming to review them and besides they have had positive reviews elsewhere, so make sure you check them out!

Now back to the mini's, here are some pics of what I painted, they are from the 15mm Stargrunt range.

New Anglian Confederation Command Squad with APC

New Anglian Confederation Command Squad

New Anglian Confederation Marine Squad with APC

New Anglian Confederation Marine Squad with APC
I'm new to painting on a smaller scale so the painting is not exactly masterclass, but I'm happy with them :) I have around 30 more of these miniatures which will eventually be painted, time permitting, but my efforts are going to be concentrating on the shipbuilding for now.

While I seem to be writing a long post, I'd like to take this opportunity to mention some blog's I've been following, Which I should of done a while ago. I have found all these blogs very interesting and informative, great for someone new to war gaming, like me. I could write a page about each blog, but I'll keep it to a brief description of each, although I highly recommend them all. In no particular order:
  • Lair of the Uber Geek - Currently building sectional terrain, great in progress terrain posts, once finished his sectional terrain is going to be awesome!
  • The Zone - Sci Fi Thrill in 15mm - Welcome to Meta City One! This brilliant and highly entertaining blog follows the happenings in Meta City One through news reports, I love the puns Mark and Master Chef drop into each news flash.
  • Gavin Syme - Mr Syme is the Creative Manager of Alternative Armies and its sister brand His blog contains a lot of useful tit bits on forthcoming ranges for Alternative Armies and the USE ME rules. If your a fan of either, he's a must follow!
  • Naval Gazing - Dave's Blog for all things Naval, From Space Navies to contemporary Navies, if your nautically minded, stop by.
  • Comment-Deleted - Dave Humm's blog mainly covers his painting of mostly Alternative Armies miniatures, some lovely models he has!
  • Dragonfaeri's Pyrography - Not war gaming related, but if you find yourself wanting to burn something, go!
  • A Napoleonic therapy project for 2012 - Lee's grand undertaking to recreate the Peninsular War with 6mm Baccus figures. Some fantastic mini's being painted! Great work.
  • Scott's War-gaming - An excellent blog by Scott, who covers a lot of games, I like his Legends of the High Seas posts, 28mm pirate war gaming at it's best!
  • Tabletop War gaming with Gavin Syme - Gavin's war gaming blog, here you'll find what miniatures he's currently painting or collecting.
  • Wooden Warriors - If you've ever wanted to make your own soldiers out of wood, this is the site to go to, filled with tutorials and other useful information.
Well, I think that's it for this post, see you soon!
hwyl fawr