Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Sloop of War - HMS Sophie Part 2

Hi all, continuing where I left off, I'm going to add some detail to the sloop and finish the hull. First I cut out some bases, for the ships, out of ply board, again pretty cheap around £5 for 4ft by 2ft from your local DIY merchant, for me this was B&Q. I cut them to shape, and I cut them long enough to protect the bowsprit (hopefully), then I glued the hulls to the bases.

 Base attached.
By the way, I've cut out 4 more gun ports to upgrade her armaments from 14 to 18 Gun. She seemed a little under gunned, the real HMS Sophie was a 18 gunner.

Next I drill any holes that need drilling, Although termed as Sloop of War, I'm making Brigs, so 2 holes for the masts, 1 for the bowsprit and 6 for the cannons in the fore and aftcastle. The holes for the cannon need not be deep, just enough to ensure a good bond when gluing.

Test fitting mast.
Test fitting cotton bud cannon.
This is why I stack card on top of each other to make the hull, when it's time to fit the masts, it's a secure bond,  when glued.

I cut thin strips of backing board, about 2mm thick, to add detail to the sides of the ship, I do this for both sides. I added detail inside the hull, a strip of card to cover the fore and aft castle, where the card stacking shows. Added steps 2 sets front and back. Also little squares on the fore and aftcastle, to break up the flatness of the decking.

Hull detail.
Time to add the cannons. I use the shafts of cotton buds for the cannon, not ideal and way out of scale, but for gaming they are easy to see and I think it adequately represents the cannons.
Tip: I recommend you buy a pack of cotton buds for modelling purposes, the wife can get quite irate if half the bathroom cupboard ends up as models. Believe me...I know :)

Cannons attached.
I cut some more thin strips, same size as before to go along the top rail of the hull. This completes the hull and adds strength to the cannons on the top decks.
At this point I coat the edges of the card i.e all the white parts in watered down PVA. Stops the black layer pealing away from the bottom, and the PVA fills any small gaps.
This part is fiddly, if using super glue, like me, you may super glue the model to your fingers....like me.

Adding Strips.
Now for the bow. Cut a thin piece of card and stick it to the end of the ship, so the bow has a staight edge to sit on. Cut out the bow shape and stick to more card, cut around again so bow is 2 cards thick, and glue to the front of the ship.

Cut thin card again, around 2mm... and cut for the supports, sorry don't know the correct term, as show in second pic below.

Bow fixed.
Bow with supports.
For the bowsprit, you'll need a bamboo skewer and a cocktail stick. Cut them to desired length. Cut little notches out of each piece so the sit well and glue them together. When dry, wrap thin strips of paper around the join, covered in PVA glue, to help support them. Then stick to the hull, Add a thin strip of card and support bowsprit to the bow, as show in pics.

Bowsprit attached.
Cut another piece of cocktail stick to desired length, for a spar on the bowsprit, then attach with super glue, once dry wrap thin strips of paper around the joint to support and cover paper with PVA glue. Ship is now ready for painting

Ready for painting.

That's it for now, I will be back in a couple of days, when I've done the other 3 ships to this stage, for the masts and Sails!!!!

Take Care.