Friday, 2 November 2012

Mine's bigger than yours!

Hi all, while I'm still constructing a French Frigate I was thinking... about scale, or to be more precise, my indecision of what scale to use for land battles! I had originally intended to go for 6mm miniatures, who can resist the huge battle recreated on the tabletop. Hundreds of little miniatures slugging it out makes for an impressive scene. I may be wrong, please correct me if I am, but I feel 6mm does not lend itself well to skirmishes, cutting out of a ship in port, pirate raids on a coastal town, etc. I do like a little skirmish, and intend on having a few. Of late I have also been distracted by a lot of eye candy from 28mm ranges, while looking for suitable smaller scale miniatures, that I feel myself being drawn to the dark side, or the larger scale miniatures again...

I'm happy with the 6mm (1/300th scale) ships that I will continue to build, but I find myself all at sea at the moment, in regard to land scale.

There are some beautifully crafted miniatures in the 25mm - 30mm range from:
Black Scorpion Miniatures
Black Cat Bases 
Crusader Miniatures
Alternate Armies I'm getting swayed by their Flintloque range.
The list goes on...

And for the 15mm range there is:
Blue Moon Miniatures
East Riding Miniatures
Peter Pig
again to name a few.

I am leaning toward the 28mm mini's, mainly because I started this before...I had started a 28mm scale ship, It still sits on my shelf in it's half finished state. I stopped due to life's little habit of getting in the way! And didn't come back to war gaming till recently. So I may collect some 28mm mini's for skirmishes, and give me an excuse to finish the ship, but I may have to create another ship or two for the games. This does pose a problem...
The size of the ships.

For example:
In 6mm (1/300) scale the Surprise is just under 7.5 inches
In 15mm (1/100) scale it would be 21.5 inches
In 28mm (1/58) scale it would be a table buckling 37 inches, over 3 feet long!

Like I mentioned, I have an unfinished 28mm scale ship sitting on the shelf, some pics below. Although I did shorten the dimensions, It's huge! It measures 30 inches, including bowsprit,  by 6 inches. So... do I finish this ship and just have that one ship for the skirmish or create a enemy vessel? With the added problem of storage, my shelves are only so big!

What do you guys think? I'd love to hear your thoughts on the subject, or experiences with large scale ship warfare.

That's it for now, I will finish a French Frigate this weekend so I'll post some fleet pics next time.
Until then, farewell!