Sunday, 25 November 2012

Wind stops play

Hello all, I was going to catch up on the many projects I've got ongoing at the moment and get some pictures online, Sunday seems to be the best day for me to catch up and complete things. Alas, it was not to be, as we had severe wind last night, not meaning the smelly kind. We awoke this morning to next doors fence in our garden, and our walnut tree had toppled! Unfortunately the tree landed across a public footpath, and in the garden of our neighbour, destroying a small section of his fence.

That's me, valiantly struggling with the tree!

That is what's still left to clear. It was a big tree!

Poor thing :(

So, instead of a relaxing Sunday painting, the missus and me were clearing a tree, helped by a chainsaw wielding neighbour (Thanks Dave), until he was sadly called away after an hour or so. Then we had to cut the tree by hand, awfully tiring! We also had to contend with a unsympathetic dog walker who just had to get down the footpath! So he was guided through the neighbours garden to the other side, he never came back....

That's the footpath and neighbours garden half cleared!

Well, we will have plenty of fire wood!

We finally managed to clear the footpath and neighbours garden, botch together a temporary repair on his fence to stop his dog escaping. We also blockaded our fence to stop our dog escaping, and propped up the other neighbours fence. Busy day!!

Our faithful helpers, Nelson (Our neighbour's dog) in foreground,
he likes Sticks!!!. Sephton (our dog) at the rear, more of a supervisor!

We still have over half a tree to chop up and clear, so that'll be another ongoing job. So, unfortunately I didn't get to finish the frigate I was hoping to get finished today. My Sci-fi blog will shortly have some pics of a terrain piece I completed earlier this week, Hopefully I'll finish that frigate tomorrow.

Until next careful out there!


  1. It has been a horrid week, see my blog with Ayrshire on Monday, but at least no one was hurt (except perhaps the dog walker but they deserved it!) and think of all the spars and such that timber will provide. For King George!


    1. Wow, looks like you had a soggy start to the week!!!