Wednesday, 26 December 2012

M-35 Mako from Mass Effect and Sci-fi stuff

Hi all, I admit it, this is just a shameless post to advertise my Sci-fi Stuff blog. I have a few posts of builds I have done for my sci-fi troops. I have just completed a version of the M-35 Mako from Mass Effect.

Now, I have noticed a few posts on various blogs regarding Mass Effect models, stand in models etc, or lack there of, so thought my Mako might be of interest to Mass Effect and sci-fi gamers out there.

I do plan to take my Sci-fi gaming background / setting from the Mass Effect Universe, modified for my own needs of course! So I hope to eventually find miniatures for most of the races and scratch built models of the vehicles, all in 15mm scale, using the excellent USE ME rule sets from

In the new year I will of course be back to ship building, not sure which ship will be first, so stay tuned!!

That's it for now anyway, hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas!
Mark B.


  1. Very nice Mako. The original mass effect was one of the few Xbox games I played before my oldest took the console off me...great fun.

    Talented lad you are.


    1. Thanks Gavin, I've played all 3 Mass Effects, they are good games. I do also like the background of the universe, expect to see more vehicles from Mass Effect ;)

  2. Um wow, very well done. Care to share how you constructed it? :)

    1. Hi Allison, Thank you, unfortunately, I didn't take any in progress pics, but it's made from card with wheels stolen from matchbox vehicles