Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Painting Update 16/07/13

Just a little update on my army painting. I re-based the figures I had already painted, after finally deciding to base the miniatures individually. I made some unit trays to keep them together as well.

I'm going to base my 15mm armies in the Warhammer setting. Although I don't particularly like the Games Workshop as a company, I do love the Warhammer universe they have created. It was the first war game I played, sooooo many moons ago, and got me hooked on war gaming, plus I still have some army books and a (older) rule book.

Reiksguard Knight Unit.
These Miniatures are from Irregular Miniatures (FHU1) Human Mounted General, (FHU2) Human Mounted Armoured Lancers and (FHU5) Human Cavalry Standard Bearer. These miniatures come without a shield, had to put them on myself.

The Reiksgaurd Charging.
Unit of 10 on movement tray.

Swordsmen Unit.
These Miniatures are from Irregular Miniatures (FHU9) Human Sword and Bucklerman, (FHU11) Human Standard Bearer. The Sergeant is from 15mm.co.uk (MDA42F) Human Paladin.

Unit with Sergeant and standard bearer.

Unit of 25 on movement tray.

Well that's it for now, See you next time.

Take care out there!

(Edited: forgot to say where I got the miniatures)