Sunday, 29 September 2013

September Round Up!

Hi all

Sorry I haven't really bloged this month, but I've had a bit off a pants month, I put my back out, which laid me low for a couple of weeks. Now I seem to have caught a cold. Hence I haven't done much on the gaming front.

I did manage to paint a few Retained Knights from The Ion Age. I ordered a lot of these excellent mini's not long after The Ion Age site Launched. They also give away a free special mini for any orders.

Monday, 2 September 2013

USE ME Starship Battles Review.

I've had the USE ME Starship Battles rules for awhile now, I have been meaning to give these rules a go and do a review but, due to real life things and a few different projects started, I haven't had a chance to use them.....till now.

Before I start on the review of these Starship Battle rules I will just like to mention a little about the USE ME System (Ultra Simple Engine for Miniature Engagements). As the acronym suggests these rules aim to provide a quick and simple gaming system. have a impressive number of USE ME rulebooks to cover a lot of gaming genre, from Spaceship Battles to the Wild West, if you play it, then aim to have a USE ME rulebook for you.

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Maritime Ipswich Festival

Ipswich Waterfront
Hi all,
I'm posting this a week late, but I thought Id share some pictures of the Maritime Festival in Ipswich, that took place over the week end of 24th & 25th August 2013. 

Every year Ipswich hosts this festival to celebrate all things nautical and bring together Ipswich's Waterfront Maritime past, present and future at the Ipswich Waterfront, Quayside and Docks. Here's some of the activities staged for the weekend, a craft market, a beer festival, hosted by Isaacs's bar, fairground, Yo Ho Ho Pirate Puppet Show (I missed this) , boat cruises and Georgian re-enactment activities. There was a lot more happening, too much for me to list properly.