Sunday, 29 September 2013

September Round Up!

Hi all

Sorry I haven't really bloged this month, but I've had a bit off a pants month, I put my back out, which laid me low for a couple of weeks. Now I seem to have caught a cold. Hence I haven't done much on the gaming front.

I did manage to paint a few Retained Knights from The Ion Age. I ordered a lot of these excellent mini's not long after The Ion Age site Launched. They also give away a free special mini for any orders.

This is the free Special miniature from Ion Age.

The Special mini from behind.

The Ion Age site is constantly expanding their miniature range, so I will be buying some more real soon, The Desteria Knights look cool!

I also completed some more space ships, these are generic human ships. Here are some pics.

Majestic Class Carrier.

Invincible Class Battleship.

Courageous Class Battlecruiser.

Defender Class Escort Cruiser.

Star Class Destroyer.

Havoc Class Missile Destroyer.

Normandy Class Frigate.

Castle Class Corvette.

The Whole Fleet.
That`s it for now...hopefully I'll have a more productive time of it.

Until next time!