Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Beware the Evil Snowmen from 15mm.co.uk

Well the Christmas craziness has kicked off over at the 15mm.co.uk website. SN01, The Evil Snowmen, is the first code in yearly expanding range of festive themed miniatures. To quote Gavin on the 15mm.co.uk blog:
They will only be for sale during the festive period of the year (until 8th January 2014) and will then be placed in storage until winter 2014 when they will be joined by another pack with something else Christmas themed.
You can buy them in a pack of 5 or in a horde of 20 miniatures, saving yourself 10% in the process! If that wasn't enough, you'd better check out their other festive offers here! Better be quick as the offers will change soon!