Saturday, 16 November 2013

Update 16/11/13

Hi all.
Just thought I'd show some pics of the Retained Lance (Platoon) I've finished so far. The Infantry is completed, I just need to figure out what vehicle support it'll need. Until The Ion Age release a Battlesuit Unit for the Retained, I have stand ins (see pics below), but will need some transport of some kind, I'll have to go for something that still fits with the whole futuristic knights theme.

Retained Knights Lance.
Here's the Command Unit for the Lance, complete with Standard Bearer. This unit is made up from two miniatures from the Retained Knights Lance Command Beta and the limited edition Grimwood and Wyrme, both from The Ion Age.

Retained Command Unit.

Close up off Knight Commander Grimwood and his aide
Retained Knight Wyrme

Standard Bearer and Comms Specialist from The Lance
Command Beta pack.

Battlesuit Stand-in, next to a Retained Knight. The
miniature is a Space Ranger from EM4 Miniatures.

Retained Knight Medic, also from The Lance
Command Beta pack.

I finally made some trees, which you can see in the pics above as well. These were made from some bamboo skewers and some aquatic grass matting, cut too length then glued to some ply board.

Hugo Kamishi's Zen Garden Grass Matting.

Finished Woods.

On a trip into town recently I stumbled across some little rubber ants in a shop called The Works. With this lucky find I decided I needed some deadly fauna to terrorise my little army men. I stuck a couple to some bases and gave them a quick paint to see how they'd turn out. It's not a great picture, but they turned out ok. I'll fill a few more bases with these I think, and create a huge swarm!!!!!

Rubber ants in the packs, roughly 20 ants a pack.

Based and painted Giant Ants!!!!

Members of the PDF defend a settlement against
Giant Ants!!!!!

I had a lovely surprise this morning, as a parcel of awesomeness arrived! My Havelock Battlesuits arrived, and as I had bought the early supporters offer, it came with a fallen battlesuit, which makes a excellent bit of scenery or objective marker! 

My parcel of awesomeness!

And, that`s about it for now, hope you've enjoyed the update and see you next time.
Take care out there!