Sunday, 9 March 2014

Duxis Battlesuit WIP Part Deux

Hi all, just a few snaps of my Duxis Battlesuit now that it's painted. I kept to the colour scheme of my Retained Knights, although added some white panels to break up the solid red. I plan to paint the heraldic shields different on each Battlesuit, to represent the pilot's heraldry, I'm sure elite Battlesuit pilots would display the family houses proudly.

On with the pics....

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Duxis Battlesuit WIP

Hi all.
Last month I was lucky enough to have my wife buy me five Duxis Battlesuits as part of the Ion Age's Duxis Battlesuit Early Supporter Offer. They arrived promptly and in good condition as usual, however, they were supplied with the wrong hands. This wasn't a problem, I contacted Gavin at Ion Age who shipped out some more hands. Unfortunately the wrong hands again :) As I await another shipment of hands, from the very helpful Gavin, I have sent the 10 wrong hands back, I started to construct the Battlesuits.

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Painting update 02/03/14

Hi all
Just thought I'd let you know what little painting I've done this month. I've finished off my Khartoum Planetary Defence Force, well not quite finished as Gavin over at Ion Age had released the excellent Khamel Tracked Bikes, which I'll be adding to the force.

He's also about to release the Early Supporters Offers for the awesome looking Skylark Patrol flyer, which I'll also be adding to the force, read the previews here, here and here.