Thursday, 6 March 2014

Duxis Battlesuit WIP

Hi all.
Last month I was lucky enough to have my wife buy me five Duxis Battlesuits as part of the Ion Age's Duxis Battlesuit Early Supporter Offer. They arrived promptly and in good condition as usual, however, they were supplied with the wrong hands. This wasn't a problem, I contacted Gavin at Ion Age who shipped out some more hands. Unfortunately the wrong hands again :) As I await another shipment of hands, from the very helpful Gavin, I have sent the 10 wrong hands back, I started to construct the Battlesuits.

I thought I'd make two of the battlesuits walking artillery, supporting the other battlesuits as they move up and engage the enemy up close and personal. To this end I armed them with a Bodkin 55mm AP Howitzer each. I also thought as they were going to stay back and pound the enemy with artillery, it was a bit of a waste not to mount another weapon on them, they were less likely to engage in close combat. So I did, I had spare weapons from the previous Havelock Battlesuit Early Supporters Offer, but I believe the weapons can be bought separately from the Ion age site.  Some carefully cutting and gluing and I have two Battlesuits mounting a Bodkin 55mm AP Howitzer and an Angis 25mm AP Cannon.

The Heraldic Shield that comes with the miniature should cover the joint on the left arm nicely. The other three will keep to the standard weapons and gauntlet configuration, I post more pics once they are assembled.

Well that's it for now!