Sunday, 2 March 2014

Painting update 02/03/14

Hi all
Just thought I'd let you know what little painting I've done this month. I've finished off my Khartoum Planetary Defence Force, well not quite finished as Gavin over at Ion Age had released the excellent Khamel Tracked Bikes, which I'll be adding to the force.

He's also about to release the Early Supporters Offers for the awesome looking Skylark Patrol flyer, which I'll also be adding to the force, read the previews here, here and here.

AT104 Grizzly APC.

A15 Crusader Main Battle tank.

Type57B Havelock Battlesuit.

Mk 5 Ferret ATV.

Hopefully that'll complete the army, until Gavin releases something else I must have. If you haven't discovered the Ion Age yet, then please check them out, you won't be disappointed. With the awesome regular new releases and expanding miniature lines, they will be keeping me poor for awhile to come.

The Khartoum Space Fleet also got a few reinforcements this month. I started painting some UNSC Space ships from GZG, I got awhile back.

Warrior Class Strike Corvettes.

Hunter Class Frigates.

Lake Class Destroyers.

Mountain Class light Cruisers.
Think that's about it. I'll be turning my attention back to the Retained again this month, hopefully I'll be able to assemble my Duxis Battlesuits I got from last months Ion Age ESO. I'll also be working on some terrain.

Thanks for looking


  1. Great work with your forces Mark. Well done.

    We will keep you busy.


    1. Thanks Gavin, I'm sure you will keep me busy :D

  2. Nice work love the Ferret and the APC :)

    1. Thanks Simon, not bad for re purposed Matchbox vehicles.