Sunday, 13 April 2014

Painting Update 13 April 2014

Hi all.

The last few months haven't seem much hobby time for me, but I am managing to get through my little lead mountain and not far from finishing, as much as you ever finish, my Retained Army.

Below is a picture of the whole army so far, followed by pictures of the individual units. Only a unit of Desteria Knights and a Duxis MkIIID 'Anti-Infantry' Battlesuit are left unpainted.

Warning: Image intensive post.

The Red Dragons - 2nd Retinue of the Khartoum Retained Knights.

Retinue Command and Characters.

Knight Commander Gwenllian.
Banneret Myrddin.


Command Demi.

Retinue Units.

Retained Post 1.

Retained Post 2.

Retained Post 3.
Assaulter Post.

Support Post.
Supporting Desteria Retinue.

Desteria Knight Command Demi.

Desteria Knight Post 1.

Desteria Knight Post 2.
Duxis Battlesuit Retinue.

Duxis MkIIIFa 'Indirect Fire Support' Battlesuit.

Duxis MkIIIFa 'Indirect Fire Support' Battlesuit.

Duxis MkIIIG 'Anti-Vehicle' Battlesuit.

Duxis MkIIIH 'Warlord' Battlesuit.

I'm thinking about scratch building some transport vehicles or tanks, but I'm drawing a blank on the design. Every time I try to sketch a design it tends to look like a Space Marine Land Raider.... Maybe someone could give me ideas on a design that doesn't look Space Marine.

Well that's it for now...thanks for looking