Monday, 21 April 2014

Update 21 April 2014

While I spent this Easter weekend relaxing, sorry didn't do anything exciting, it gave me time to work on my miniatures. I sat down to scratch build some APC's for my Retained Knight Regiment. I've started to organise my miniatures in Lances à la Ion Age, so I have made three so far, enough for one Lance of Retained Knights

Retained Veteran Demi disembark from their Cheval APC.

1st Lance with transport.

The APC is made from cardboard, with some papercraft gems stuck on in strategic places. The tracks are made from a computer IDE lead (I think that's what it's called), got the idea from this Zrune lord's blog.

Rear view of the Cheval APC.

Front view of the Cheval APC, This one sports an
Angis 25mm AP Cannon. The other two have Moth 88 Rotary Cannons.

I had a few weapons spare that came with the Havelock battle suits, I bought a while ago. So I attached some to the APCs. I will need some more for future builds.

I also decided to re-base my Retained Knights, the old basing looked bland, I wanted something more interesting. I hope you like the results.

A old and new picture of the basing.

The new basing is just glued on cat litter. Gives a nice texture and a more dramatic look, a moonscape perhaps, a ruined city....

Banneret Mina.

Sniper Mina.

Duxis MkIIIG 'Anti-Vehicle' Battlesuit.

Thanks for looking.


  1. God even the cats are missing stuff! *Goes off to check fish tank*

    1. Little fishes ain't safe.....have you noticed the trees in my pictures.... :)

  2. Excellent progress and post. Your Retained have more transport than mine...for now. GBS

  3. For now.....? Does that mean that transport vehicles will be released for Ion Age?

  4. pretty nice blog, following :)