Wednesday, 23 July 2014


Hi all,
I forgot to post a couple of pics last time I posted of a few alterations I have mad to a few Retained Knights from the Ion Age range. I figured that my army may need some scouts/Infiltrators, so inspired by a couple of  Ion Age's monthly miniatures (IMP01 and IMP09) I set to work with some Green Stuff!

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Element Basing and Soul By The Sea!

Hi all,
Sorry I haven't blogged for awhile, life got in the way, but I'm back so hopefully will keep up the regular blogs.

So what have I been doing in my time away? Hobby wise, not that much I'm afraid. I did decide on element basing for my miniatures, both fantasy and sci-fi. I purchased a selection of mdf bases from, so I could base my miniatures to use with Mayhem ruleset for fantasy games and Gruntz for sci-fi games (using the element rules in the back of the book).

Here is a pic of my complete fantasy human army. Using two bases of 50mm x 25mm to make up a unit base of 50mm x 50mm needed for Mayhem, and using a round 50mm bases (I did order 40mm round bases, but 50mm bases arrived instead and worked out well) for the heroes and artillery bases.

My Human fantasy Army.