Wednesday, 23 July 2014


Hi all,
I forgot to post a couple of pics last time I posted of a few alterations I have mad to a few Retained Knights from the Ion Age range. I figured that my army may need some scouts/Infiltrators, so inspired by a couple of  Ion Age's monthly miniatures (IMP01 and IMP09) I set to work with some Green Stuff!

In the Ion Age background, all Retained Knights are equipped with Chameleon circuits, to help them blend in, but I wanted a unit that could specialise in infiltrating, so I gave them chameleon cloaks! They look different enough from the regular troopers. I'm pleased with how they turned out against the miniature IMP01 in the first picture.

If you like the look of the monthly miniatures from The Ion Age site and missed out on them, fear not because, next month you'll have a chance to pick em up again. See here for details.

The weather in Suffolk has been marvellous the last month or so and my wife and I have been enjoying it when able, trip to the beach, out enjoying the local towns festivals etc, work however is usually a nightmare for me at this time of year. I'm an electrician, I'm usually in lofts in summer and outside in winter, however this week I got to work down Ipswich's Haven Marina, which was a joy in this weather, if only all my jobs were this good. Here's a couple of pics of my view.

Thanks for looking, cya next time!