Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Dice Box!

Hi all

My lovely wife finally finished my birthday present, and only 3 months late! Only kidding, well it is 3 months late, but she was interupted by some building works being carried out, where she had to pack all her hobby stuff away, so I don't mind at all. Her hobby by the way is Pyrography, which is the art of burning pictures onto wood! and good at it she is too! You can check out her other items of wood burning greatness at her blog.

My wife had permission from the kind Mr Syme from to reproduce the cover of thier forthcoming Patrol Angis rulebook, for this unique dice box. I'm chuffed with it and grateful to my lovely wife.

I've been slowly working on a generic planetary defence force, repainting and rebasing for a unified force. I haven't finished the army yet, but have started to run up stats for them to use with Gruntz, using thier Barrack builder software. Here's a few of the Gruntz cards below:

Thanks for looking.