Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Painting Update 23/09/14

Hi guys,

Just a few pictures of some miniatures I've painted. First up a great vehicle from the Ion Age, the Skylark Patrol Flyer. It's a great model to paint and a vehicle that scream space opera.

I was watching The Fifth Element while I was assembling the model, so I may have been influenced in the colour choice :) I used the hatch, that came with the Charger APC, from 15mm.co.uk, up top instead of the missile pod that came with the Skylark. The parts from these two kits are easily interchangeable.

Next up is a few Retained Knights, again from Ion Age.

I've always had trouble painting large areas white, usually looks wrong or too flat, so this was a little trail for me, I like how they turned out.

Next up is a group of recognisable figures from GZG. On the site they are listed as Free Trader Group A and B (codes SG15-X04A and SG15-X04B). I couldn't resist but to paint them up as their inspirations.

Mal, Zoe, Wash, Kaylee and Jayne.
I just had to sculpted Jayne's hat. A hat that fine, just has to be worn!

Inara, Simon, River and Shepherd Book.
I had alot of fun painting these miniatures!

That's it for now, my lead pile is growing, I've got a lot of civilians from GZG and have received another order from Gavin at 15mm.co.uk, which include some of Eli Arndt's wonderful Prang, check out 15mm.co.uk's blog on them.