Sunday, 28 September 2014

Painting Update 28/09/14

Hi all,

Here's some pictures of the miniatures I managed to paint this week, all from

Hope you enjoy.

Prang Raider, Leader and Tech.

Reverse view.

Here are some Prang, from's SHM Range. I do like these miniatures and the paint up well as Space Ork!!!

Gizbin mercenary, Baroka Crime Lord and Skorath Mercenary.
Reverse view.
Three aliens, also from the SHM Range, These will be great for skirmish games, each miniature has loads of character.

Flit Car, Galactic Knight and Guard Dog.
Reverse view.
The Flit Car and Guard Dog are from the Laserburn Range and the Galactic Knight is from the HOF Sci fi Range.  I painted the Guard Dog as a Robodog, for something a bit different.

That's it for my new miniatures. However, before I go, here are a few pictures of Jayne I painted last week. I modelled the hat myself, but, didn't post any good pictures of him, so....

Until next time!!