Sunday, 2 November 2014

Bits & Stuff

Hi all,
I'm back with a few photos of what I've been upto...completed a yard for the post office, I also made a bank, not sure if a future colony would need a bank, but I made one anyway.

Here's the two togeather.

The Post Office Yard, along with Mail truck.

The Post Master and Post Mistress.

A side shot of both buildings.

A shot of the yard behind the Bank.

The bank has it's vault behind the back in a dedicated strong box. Kept the yard clear so a truck could back up to it for a heist!!!

As you can see I also painted a Post Master and Post Mistress, I think she has a drink problem.... I plan to paint a miniature or two for each building I do, eventually make up a populated town.

This week I also painted a few GZG UNSC Spaceships, for something different. I've had these awhile and thought It was about time I painted them.

Luna Class Battleship.

Mountain Class Light Cruisers.

Hunter Class Frigates.

Warrior Class Corvettes.
That's it for now, cya!