Tuesday, 11 November 2014

British Spaceships from Brigade miniatures.

Hi all,  this month's miniature purchases have been spaceships. I ordered a few from GZG, and the Royal Navy Carrier Pack from Brigade Models.

The Retained Fleet.

It's the first time i've ordered from the chaps at Brigade models, and they didn't disappoint, with the swift delivery and the lovely miniatures. However there were a couple of bubbles at the mould lines on 3 of the spaceships, nothing to drastic though! Put them down to battle damage.

Bulwark Class Strike Carrier.
The Bulwark Class carrier is a great miniature, it comes with 12 Kestral Interceptors and 12 Mosquito Attack Fighters. I've used both Brigade's and GZG's fighter stands for an easy way to spot the difference between fighters (Kestrals) and bombers (Mosquitoes), leaving 6 spare Mosquitoes.

Halifax Class Light Cruisers.
These are a comparable size with the GZG's cruisers, they look nice and streamlined with huge guns mounted on them, real hunters of the void!

Wessex Class Escort Destroyers.
Following the same streamlined look, these look to be a good hunting pack, again a good size comparison with the GZG UNSC miniatures.

Lance Class Frigates.
Last up, is a squadron of Lance class frigates. Smaller versions of the Wessex Destroyers. All in all, a great set of miniatures, I will be getting more to bolster the fleets strength, including the mighty Fisher class Super-dreadnought! I'm going to pick up some Fleet Scale Mecha from 15mm.co.uk as there are rules for using them in Task Force Zeta.

Soon I hope to have a go at creating some Data Cards to use these spaceships with Task Force Zeta, and have my fist game using these rules.

As I mentioned at the beginning of my post I also placed an order with GZG. I haven't painted these ships yet, but I thought I'd share this photo with you.

I ordered a carrier for my UNSC fleet, not realising the size of the Constellation Class Heavy Carrier. It's HUGE!!!! and weighs a ton too! It's going to carry 8 stands worth of fighters and bombers into battle as well. The little guy in the front is a Glow-worm class Free Trader (sound familiar) that I couldn’t resist buying!

That's it for now, hope you enjoyed the pictures.

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