Sunday, 22 February 2015

Bertie and the finished army!

Hi all,
Just a quick update to let you know what I've finished recently. It's been a busy week this week. Some of you may remember there was a recent addition to the family, Biggles, a Tibetan terrier puppy. Well, this week we gave his father, Bertie, a home. Unfortunately, through no fault of his own, the family he was with could no longer care for him. Today my wife and I, took Bertie, along with Biggles, on his first walk in Rendlesham forest. We certainly enjoyed ourselves, even if  we didn't witness any UFOs. So with settling him in and wot not, I didn't get much painting done this week.

Walking Bertie in Rendlesham forest.

Biggles & Bertie!

 However, I did manage to complete the Retained Knight army, this army is set for the Gruntz rules. I've made some Gruntz cards and listed them here, in the Sci-fi in 15mm section of the blog.
The Retained in all it's glory!
Platoon of Mullo AFVs.
The addition of the recently painted Mullo AFVs from, certainly finishes the army, giving them vital transport. I will revisit this army from time to time, adding future releases from as the come.

Next on the list is the Shia Khan Army, I recently purchased a platoon of Maligs!!! I'm looking forward to painting up these characterful goblinoids.

Until next time, cya!!


  1. Handsome looking chappies and the Retained knight force is look rather spiffy to :D

  2. Great blog post Mark as always and its the first time I have seen a pet and wargaming combined like that. A great looking force. I punted this post on my FB and G+ threads.


    1. Cheers Gavin, I like to mix it up occasionally :) Thanks for the reposts, always appreciated!