Saturday, 7 March 2015

Keep Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'

Hello again,

I've painted up a Ion Age Shia Khan Infernus Tank to add to my Malig troops. I only have the one at the moment, but will be adding a couple more of these beauties!!

These rolling balls of goblin doom cause chaos on the battlefield, and can sometimes be just as dangerous to their comrades, by running them down, as well as the enemy. A squadron of these tanks will cause problems for the Muster and Retained alike.

I've also painted up a couple of terrain pieces, or victims of the Infernus.

Ruined Duxis Battlesuit.

Ruined Havlock Battlesuit.
Thanks for looking!


  1. Nice work, I do feel like that blue colour doesn't suit the Maligs... but they're your Maligs, not mine :) I was very unimaginitive and did mine in red armour with bright green skin, 'Eavy Metal style... I do like the green Necron-style cannon barrels. At least that's what they make me think of.

    I haven't seen anyone's paint jobs on these wrecked battle suits before, so that's nice too. I have the Havelock (intact version) and it's a monster! Bigger than a lot of 28mm power armored figures, so pretty big for 15 mm.

    1. Thanks Allison, I will grant you the light blue/grey, works better on the infantry, I was going for a Nazi look, but I’m ok with the colour :) The green barrels were an after thought, I didn't even think of necrons, but yes does look similar.

      I have'nt seen anyone elses wrecked battlesuits, I just painted them up the same as my intact ones, I have 3 Havelocks and 6 Duxis battlesuits, they are monsters for 15mm but great miniatures.