Thursday, 5 March 2015

Malig Command Group.

The Beautiful Senga!

I've started a Khanate Empire army, from the Ion Age, with some Maligs painted first. I've based them for use with Gruntz! They'll be classed as a Commander, obviously, based with his personal standard, and Gruntz Specialists, to cover the Medic and Tech guy.

From the left, Tech, Medic, Commander, Senga and Tank Ace!
Rear View.

Not sure what battlefield role Senga, the pan wielding platoon cook, or the Tank Ace will play yet, but they are cool miniatures that needed painting :)

Here's a few close ups of the miniatures.

Commander Kixit Wrenchmine!

Medic Zeexez Sharpscrew.

Tech Kaketee Wrenchrocket.


Tank Ace Greexlex Steamfeet!
Hope you've enjoyed the pictures, next up will be a Malig Infernus Tank, so stay tuned!!!