Saturday, 18 April 2015

City Of Heroes Project.

Hi all.
This year I've decided to set myself some projects, It will hopefully motivate me to actually finishing stuff! The first project I'm thinking off doing is a tabletop City Of Heroes.

City of Heroes, or CoH, was a massively multiplayer online role-playing game based on the superhero comic book genre developed by Cryptic Studios and published by NCsoft. I played the game for about 8 years, until NCsoft, decided to retire the game. I've tried other hero games, DC Universe Online, Champions Online, but nothing really compares. Without getting too nostalgic as to what made the game great, If you played it, you'll already know, suffice to say, I miss the game.

So... I'm going to create City Of Heroes, or a version of it, on the tabletop. City of Heroes was set in Paragon City, which was divided into district maps, or city zones. The terrain should be straight forward, a normal city board with a few well placed CoH landmarks thrown in. maybe have a few different scenic items to represent different parts of the city.
Here are a few of the different zones, with descriptions from paragonwiki:

Atlas Park.
Atlas Park is the City Zone at the heart of Paragon City. No landmark exemplifies the heroic nature of the City of Heroes more than the statue of the fallen hero, Atlas, that stands in front of City Hall. Atlas was one of the first heroes to respond to the Nazi sneak attack against Paragon City on December 7th, 1941. Almost single-handedly, Atlas kept the German attackers from gaining a foothold past Independence Port. It cost him his life, but he held his ground until the Freedom Phalanx arrived.

Independence Port.
Port of industry, port of corruption...
The roots of Independence Port go all the way back to the founding of Paragon City. As Paragon City continued to grow, Independence Port stood proudly as the premiere point of commerce on the eastern coast of the United States. This is the location where Atlas and several other heroes gave their lives in World War II when the 5th Column attempted to invade.

In the middle of the zone lies Valor Bridge, once a symbol of sacrifice, now a ravaged memory. Sadly, since Terra Volta has been overrun, Valor Bridge has become a no man's land filled with abandoned vehicles, transport containers and constant battles between the Tsoo, 5th Column and The Family.

Kings Row.
In the early days of Paragon City, the area known as Kings Row was a shiny, bustling place filled with hope and promise. Factories manufacturing goods and generating power created a feeling of strong, blue-collar values. At that time, the area was called Kings Row because of one the most productive factories to set up shop there: King Garment Works.

Unfortunately, the prosperity didn’t last long. When the Depression hit Paragon City, no area was affected more. Factories shut down, many workers were laid off, and a great deal of the crime sweeping through the city was centered in the row of closed-down factories. The crime bosses who set themselves up there took on the name of the zone. They became known throughout the city as The Kings.

Talos Island.
There were giants in those days…
He called himself Talos (pronounced "TAY-los"), though the newspapers preferred the more descriptive, “Terrific Titan.” Standing well over 300 feet tall, Talos was the epitome of titanic heroism as he battled to defend Paragon City. Throughout the 50’s and 60’s, he steadfastly rose to the challenge of combating giant monstrosities. He became the city’s newest marvel and champion. Yet deep mystery surrounded his true identity. Even more astonishing was his ability to vanish after battle. A profoundly enigmatic hero, journalists, historians and scholars had only his cryptic utterances for clues to his origin: “For thousands of years, I have been a protector of humanity.” The only certainty about Talos was his almost mystical connection to a young boy named Michael McVey. Whenever the youngster was imperilled, Talos would appear to save the day.

On to the miniatures....

In CoH you created your own hero, you had the freedom to choose your powers and, more importantly for some, you costume. You could create a unique hero to fight crime in Paragon City, so I'm free to create any hero miniatures I like. City of Heroes did have some Signature Heroes and Villains. that I am going to try to recreate, this may be quite a challenge! I think I’ll be converting or modelling a lot :)
Here's a few of them:

Signature Heroes.

Back Alley Brawler.

Signature Villains.

Lord Recluse.
Black Scorpion.
Captain Mako

As well as these heroes and villains, I can create street gangs and police units to help in the battle for justice. So I have a lot of options for miniatures, anything from gun toting thugs, to dark brooding bow wielding vigilantes.

As for some rules... I picked up Power Legion from Ganesha Games. I only read through the book a couple of times but they seem just the ticket to recreate some epic hero vs villain battles! The rules seem to cover a lot of powers similar to city of hero powers, so should be easy to produce rules for any hero I'd like.

So, that's it for now, I'll keep you up to date with the progress of this project, it should be a lot of fun.