Sunday, 26 April 2015

Sloop of War part 3

Hi all, welcome to part 3 of my Sloop of War WIP. I've finished off most of the details on the ships hull.

Aft detail.

As I have made this from cardboard and matchsticks, I already had hanging around, the cost of this model has been minimal, I will have to buy the Cannon and some dowel for the masts, to complete the ship, but still a cheap model! I've used a couple of map pins for the lanterns at the rear. This ship was created using the same techniques I used when I was making the 6mm versions.

Cabin detail.

Side view.

I also made a little row boat to go with the ship. The sailors will need some means to get ashore won't they :)

Row boat.

Here's a few picture of the ship, now I’ve started painting.

Ship with dinghy in position.

Miniature to show scale.

Side view.

Close up of dinghy with crew, can carry 6 crew.
 That's it for now, hope you've enjoyed the pictures.