Monday, 18 May 2015

A little City of Heroes update!

Just a quick post to show a few more miniatures I’ve painted for City of Heroes.

First up is a the super hero Shield Maiden. A sword and shield wielding scrapper, a hard hitting melee specialist. Above is a stat card I made for Power Legion (Ganesha Games). Shield Maiden started as Ellen, from, with a green stuff cloak/cape to cover her backpack and a shield from a Duxis Battlesuit.

I also painted a group of six cops to patrol the streets of Paragon City. Sorry for the poor pic. These are GZG miniatures, armed colonists, I think.

And finally, I've painted a villain. I haven't worked out who or what she is yet, but here she is! Another miniature, this time Aprils free miniature, IMP20 Female Legion Officer.

Power Legion Stat Card.

She is probably going to be a Corruptor, a villain with ranged attack, usually backed up by support powers. When I figure it out, i'll post the stats. That’s it for now!

Thanks for looking.