Sunday, 10 May 2015

City Of Heroes: Know Your Enemies Part 1.

When Hellions attack
Hi all,
I've painted up a few miniatures for my City of Heroes project. I've started with one of the gangs that populate Paragon City: The Hellions.
The Hellions are a Satanist street gang whose trademark are the arsons and fire. This very low level villain group can be fought in City of Heroes. They usually hang around the Atlas Park, Galaxy City, and Perez Park areas of Paragon City.

I thought I’d use's Betrayers, they have a gang thing going for them! I've only painted up half of them so far, just to see how they came out.

Agent of S.A.M.
Super-powered Activities Monitoring (S.A.M.) is a supposed branch of the Federal Bureau for Super-powered Affairs (FBSA) responsible for monitoring super-powered activities throughout the nation. It's a very rare thing to see one of these agents in the field; usually it means they're performing some type of high level investigation.

Agent 33
Power Legion Stat Card.

Agent 33 is a another miniature. It's a re-posed and rearmed Duxis Pilot with some sculpted additions. I armed her with heavier pistols and strapped behind her, a set of fighting shock sticks! Although not super-powered, she's a highly skilled fighter, more than a match for lower level super villains or rogue super heroes!

That's it for now, take care and thanks for looking.


  1. Very cool work on the SAM agent. It's fun seeing your CoH project progressing.

    1. Thank you, I'm glad you like the project :D