Monday, 25 May 2015

Mind Master & Sentinel!

Hi all, another City of Heroes update. The PPD (Paragon Police Department) has some additions to their motor pool. I painted up a couple of police cars to help in their serving of the peace!

PPD in action.

These cars are not very good quality, 10 for £1 at Poundland, so can't complain, but the scale is good and look better when painted.

Now the PPD has transport, they are able to respond when villains like Mind Master strike!

Mind Master!

Power Legion stats.

The Mind Master is a Dominator, who has powerful Telekinetic and telepathy powers to cause carnage and mayhem on the streets of Paragon City! Another miniature, that looks suitable sinister. If the Heroes or the PPD can't handle a rampaging villain the they have some up-armoured reinforcements from their Powered Armour Department, A Prototype Battle suit, called the Sentinel.

I've used another Ion Age miniature, a Duxis Battlesuit. I cut off and repositioned the right arm for a less static look.

Power Legion stats
The Sentinel is a Tanker, not great damage dealing potential, but able to withstand a pounding! PPD's very own Hulkbuster!

The Sentinel supports the PPD.
You've probably noticed the statue in the previous pictures, if you ever played City of Heroes, you'll know that there were statues of deceased heroes throughout the city, Atlas, Talos and Galaxy Girl to name a few. So, for my city I needed some statues, these are not as tall as the in-game versions, but I think they are big enough for the tabletop. The figure is another Poundland discovery, a pack of wrestlers, just perfect for my statues. The base is built up from card and small bits of wood.

I've mostly used miniatures from so far, they have some great miniature, that can be used for all sorts of settings! with a bit of tinkering. but, I have some hero and villains ordered from Rebel Minis, so will hopefully be getting a bit more traditional with my supers.

Thats it for now, thanks for looking.