Saturday, 18 July 2015

Patrol Angis - First Impressions.

Hi all,
Today I give you my first impressions of Patrol Angis, a 15mm sci-fi / space opera skirmish ruleset from Gavin Syme, over at I've had a quick read through of the rules, but, I have'nt played a game with them yet.

First off, the quality of the book is great, It's obvious Gavin has put a lot off work in to Patrol Angis. It's a 64 paged A5 sized book, which is easy to read and conveniently sized for the tabletop. The layout is well thought out and easy on the eyes, the art work, although all black and white, is stunning!

The rules, as mentioned I haven't played a game yet, but I remember the basic principles from play testing, I got my name in the book! :) This is not an in-depth review of the rules, so I may miss some finer details, but these are the basic rules...

Troops are organised into elements, or groups of miniatures, a retained lance for example can have 22 miniatures comprising of 3 elements of 2 Posts (10 man element) and a command Mina (2 man element).

As with most games you get a initiative phase, Patrol Angis has an interesting way of resolving initiative. Both players roll a dice and the highest wins, normal stuff so far, the winning number rolled is the number of elements (troops) that can be activated that turn. The winner of the initiative roll gets a +1 to his roll. This means the winner gets a bonus but not too much so the losing player suffers.