Sunday, 21 February 2016

Spaceships and Helicopters...

Hi all,

I've not gotten back into the flow of painting since the new year started i'm afraid, only painting a little bit, so not much to update you on.

Before I forget, I found a little bargain in town the other day, while looking for art supplies, in The Works, for the missus, I spied a Black Ops Helicopter model (it's basically a Blackhawk). It didn't say what scale it was so I took a chance...

All painted up and ready for some Black Ops.

Not a bad scale at all, possibly a bit small? but, for gaming it's fine, It's not overly detailed, but someone with more patience than me could modify it ok, cut some doors in the side, door gunner,etc Not bad for £2, eh? I also picked up an Apache helicopter, I'll post some picks of that when it's made.

I have also been working on some spaceships, getting them painted so I can get a game or too in.
I'm basing my spaceships in the Ion Age universe, so this is my Retained Fleet thus far:

The Fleet moves past a asteroid field. All models from
Brigade Models British Fleet.

Fisher Class Super Dreadnought.

Bulwark Class Assault Carrier.

Colossus Class Battleship.

Churchill Class Battleship.

Halifax Class Light Cruiser.

Wessex Class Destroyers.

Lance Class Frigates.
I'm painting up the fighters, i'll post them up when they are done. Oh in case your wondering why they are not on normal flight stands, well.., I was fed up with them falling over, especially the bigger, heavier ships, and the stands snapping off. So decided to stick them on card bases, they are less fally over now :D

I've been wondering what rules to use for the space games, I have used USE ME Starship Battles, while good for a quick battle, I wanted more detail. I bought and rejected Task Force Zeta from Legionnaire Games Weren't a bad set off rules, but the ship design is confusing and the fighter rules were too book keepy.

I like the look of Full Thrust: Continuum, but they seem dated somehow, yes I know its an old ruleset.

I'm reading Starmada: Admiralty Edition, looks promising, I'm not going to use the hex type movement, should be easy to convert to hexless. If it doesn't work out, I'll drop back to Full Thrust. I've still got my other fleet to finish before I decide for certain, so have some time to play around with ship designs.

UNCS Battleship from GZG WIP fleet.
That's it for now, happy gaming.


  1. The ships look great and I like the basing. Flight stands can be cool, but also very distracting in a game once one gets a bit fiddly.

  2. Thanks Rodney, its a shame about the flight stands, i know you could go the magnet route so they won,t snap, but that doesn't help when they topple and maybe damaging the paintwork or having a part snap off. I'm happy with the card bases i made and think they look good.