Monday, 28 March 2016

Space Pirate and Walordy Nox

Hi all,

My lead pile is slowly getting painted up, this week we have another unit of Nox, along with some muscle, in the form of a Warlord. All miniatures are from

I've got a few more units primed for painting, including a Legionary unit, a Pioneer unit and a unit of Betrayers (not the official ionage miniatures, i'm afraid i'm not keen on those).

I picked up a random miniature to paint, while i was waiting for the bases to dry on the Nox and Warlord. It is the female Youxia free miniature from theionage, still available from the Year Two Collection on theionage website.

I see this miniature as a space pirate, been playing Assassins Creed - Black Flag again, kinda reminds me of a female Edward Kenway, I'm hoping to give her a spaceship and pirate crew to do some skirmishing with!

That's it for now, hope you've enjoyed!