Monday, 11 April 2016

Shia Khan Reinforcements.

Hi all, just another painting update, this week more Shia Khan, first up is a unit of Pioneers. I've kept with the purple colour scheme, to tie the army together.

 Next..... the Maligs. I've only rebased the character miniatures but thought I'd show you them anyway. Shown below are commander, standard bearer, medic, radio operator and a tank ace!!!

A couple of units of Maligs, both with support weapon.


Infernus Tank, I painted this awhile ago, but it's a great miniature so showing it again :D

Comparison pic.
The Planetary Militia also gets some support in the form of a commander, standard, radio operator, medic, the awesome sniper and a couple of squad support weapons.

All miniatures from
That's it for now, thanks for looking.