Monday, 9 May 2016

Painting Update 9/5/16

Hi all,
Just a quick post to show what I've painted recently. I'm still working on those dastardly Shia Khan, from, two more Infernus Tanks for the Maligs, one commanded by a heroic tank ace.

Mounted and unmounted Malig Tank Ace!

Second Infernus Tank with hatches down. 

A unit of three Legionnaire Canthus Mono-cycles

Legionnaire Command figures. Legate Vanya, Standard, Medic and Comms Operator.

Nox Commander and Standard.

 All Nox together.

All Maligs together.

All Legionnaires together, got two more squads of these to paint.

Human forces also get some reinforcements too, another squad of Planetary Militia, which a fixed gun emplacement.

A couple of Matchbox vehicles re-purposed to give the PM troops some mobility.

That's all folks
Thanks for looking.