Monday, 30 May 2016

T.O.A.D pt 4

Hi all,
I've finished painting the outside of the TOAD, decided to make it look old and battered, with different parts different shades, panels being replaced at different times, etc. I've finished the cockpit, although if I can find a suitable seated mini, I'll pop some seats in.

The engine pods are pose-able and easily detachable, for storage. It also has a working hinged ramp, as you can see the crew disembarking in the pic below.

I haven't finished the interior yet, but the top deck will have living quarters for the crew, bunks, toilet and galley.

The lower deck will be for cargo, I'm going to make a pull out insert with seating for passengers, when they are not hauling cargo. Front end will be weapons locker and gun controls.

Next, I'll hopefully have the top deck interior done, until then....