Sunday, 5 June 2016

T.O.A.D. pt 5 The finale.

Anura Transport with a Wyvern Dropship.

Hi all, The T.O.A.D. is finished..... Just to remind you that this model is based on the excellent plans in 0 hr: art & technology's Future Armada: Wayfarer floor plan PDF, I highly recommend them.

The Anura-class military transport, Known more commonly by the acronym T.O.A.D. (Transport for Omniphibious Advanced Deployment), was once used to drop troops into hot zones. Now retired from military service, the Anura is often used as a light transport or courier vessel. 

It has generous living quarters for a vessel of its size. Beyond the cockpit on the upper deck is a dining room, small W.C. and sleeping quarters.

View of the cockpit.
The spacious cockpit can accommodate, pilot and co-pilot, with a third person manning the gun controls near the door. There is also a emergency exit.

Dining room.
 A small dining/recreation room sits behind the cockpit, with access to the top hatch and the lower deck.
Living area.
The sleeping quarters can accommodate four people, with crew lockers on the opposite wall. A small W.C. just by the entrance has a sink and toilet, when folded away can be used as a shower room.

The lower deck comprises of weapons room to the front, the access corridor with external passenger doors and access to the main hold. The main hold is behind that with the main ramp at the rear.

Main hold.
All the pieces laid out.
I hope you've enjoyed the images as much as I have making the ship, see you next time.