Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Starting Fantasy / Medieval Terrain

Hi all,
Sorry I've not posted for awhile, I haven't fallen off the end of the world, just yet. I've been re-basing and painting some fantasy miniatures, human and starting a undead army. I'm planning on using the Dragon Rampant rules for my larger battles.

Valiant knights sally forth.

Knights, Heavy Riders.

Archers, Light Missiles.

Pikemen, Light Foot.

Halberdiers, Light Foot.

Spellcaster, Heavy Foot.

Heroes, Elite Riders.

Almost completed Human Army. Still a few to go :)

I've also started a terrain project, I'm building a walled town, incorporating the Red Castle, I made awhile ago. Will need a good town to go skirmishing around, will be picking up a few packs from 15mm, FST03, FST02 and 501 for example. Will probably use Song of Blades and Heroes for these games.

I built a hill with road leading to castle, also with a private garden for the Lady to relax! The rest is in its planning stage, I've started the moat for the castle, with a little pond and the roads leading to the gatehouse. some WIP pics below, hope you enjoy.

Basic layout so far.

Built a hill to lead to the castle drawbridge.

Top-down view, showing unfinished moat.

Gatehouse so far!
That's it for now, cya next time!