Saturday, 13 August 2016

Ohhhh Shiney!

Hi Folks,
I was supposed to finish my tavern, but I kinda got distracted....
I decided to build a space fighter, because I had a crazy idea!

I've been thinking about this since I built the TOAD transport and a comment from Evyn MacDude got me thinking. He wrote:
So, ever get the urge to write it up in the Spaceship combat system of your choice and make an appropriated sized miniature for it?

I hadn't thought about it at the time, but the comment got me interested. Since then I've come across THW's 5150: Fighter Command rules, that look interesting and possibly fit the bill. With the rules you can control a flight of fighters, it's designed for 6mm scale fighters, or control a small Capitol Ship, with fighter support. it suggests that these capitol ships be:
As a rough guide, if a Fighter is 1” long, then a Light Capital Ship may be 2-3 x larger than the Fighter, a Medium Capital Ship may be 4-5 x larger than the Fighter, and a Heavy Capital Ship may be 7-8 x larger than the Fighter. 
Light Capitol Ships would be a Frigate or Destroyer. Medium would include a Cruiser or Heavy Cruiser. A Heavy would be your Carriers, Battleships and Dreadnoughts. Meaning a Cruiser would be 4-5"! I've ssen some AAR's for the game and the Capitol ships just look too small. I know they are thinking ease of play but I'd rather see something more believable scale wise.

So... my idea is to build some space fighters for Fighter Command, and a few in-scale Capitol ships. It will mean I'll be making, for example, a Cruiser about 22" long". Luckily these don't move quick in the game so should work out OK on a normal sized table or scale it down to cm instead of inches. I can also build a smaller TOAD transport.

The first stage is to design some fighters, I thought I'd start with a 15mm scale fighter for my Retained Knights. Then scale it down for Fighter Command.

So.... here's the WIP fighter

Some scale pics

That's it for now, I will get back to the tavern soon I promise :D