Sunday, 11 June 2017

Ion Age - Khartuum Planetary Militia.

Hi all, got some more pics for you from the Ion Age universe. This time it's some Planetary Militia. 

Mobile Platoon.

I've got a mobile platoon painted and ready for battle. I'm using some Matchbox vehicles as proxies for the platoon.

Proxy for Colabreta Patrol Carrier.

PM Command Stick.

PM Support Fire-Team.

PM Support Fire-Team.

PM Flag Stick.

PM Support Fire-Team.

PM Support Fire-Team.
Got a few other units painted up ready for the rest of the force.

PM Sniper Stick.

Proxy for Hazelwurm Patrol Car
Also got painted a Planetary Militia Raptor Cavalry Fire-Team, Khartuum PM don't use horses, they tend to get eaten by the wildlife. They make use of Raptors, instead, to patrol the planets more isolated areas. I got these little fellas from Brigade Models.

Thats it for now, thanks for looking.