Sunday, 25 June 2017

Ion Age Muster and other stuff.

Hi guys, just a few working in progress pics of my Barony of Caledfwlch Muster.

Here's a Mobile Platoon in the works, not a lot left to finish, pics of each elements below:

Muster Command Stick.

Muster Squad.

Muster Flag Stick.

Muster Support Squad.

Charger MKII APC,
Stand-in for Grey Adder Battle Taxi APC.

Modified Charger MKII APC,
Stand-in for Green Adder Control Car.
The chargers are from Alternative Armies in their HOF range, here's a link

I've also been dusting off some fantasy miniatures, I'm planning on using the Dragon Rampant rules by Osprey Publishing, so will have to base them accordingly.

General on Winged Beast.

Army Standard Bearer.


Knight Regiment.

Knight Regiment.

Foot Guard Regiment.

Pole Arms Block Regiment.

Pike Block Regiment.

2 x Crossbowmen Troops.

2 x Bowmen Troops.

Most of the miniatures are from Irregular Miniatures, with a few Alternative Armies thrown in. Also have an undead army in the works, watch this space :)

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